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Snapchat Snapportunities

Mobile Interface Design


Figma, Photoshop, Slack


Develop and design a new Snapchat feature


2 Week Sprint


Gera Reyes, Steven Nguyen, Kaitlyn Tran, Chris Sanabria

My Role

Marketing, Branding, Presenter, Researcher, Project Manager

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During our 2 week sprint we were tasked with developing and marketing a new Snapchat feature that addresses racial injustices within our community. We know we can’t solve all of racial inequities but we can give underrepresented students access to tools to help improve their social and economic standing. 


We discovered that there is a huge pay and funding gap within the BIPOC community. These gaps are crucial to address because they lead to systemic inequities and less opportunities which negatively impact the future of college students.


Our feature uses the my AI chat feature to help users build a resume which can then be taken
into the map tab to apply for jobs. Through this feature we can prepare students of color to earn more earlier in their career by
providing them with tools like resume help, easy access to local jobs and connecting them to resources.

How might we leverage Snapchat in order to provide BIPOC students with the tools they need to succeed?

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Maribel Alejandre

EXP Program Manager

"What would benefit our students the most in regards to tech is having a digital platform that is able to best help them develop their career essential skills."


We got an opportunity to interview with Dr. Martinez at Kaiser, we discovered that recording a patient's vitals is the most time consuming part of their visit. Delays can occur when patients arrive late for their appointment and can result in rushed doctor consultations. Staff shortages worsen this backlog.



Getting to the LAC + USC hospital from the parking lot was confusing.


People like being greeted and directed to where they are supposed to go.


“School districts with a 
large student population of 
black, indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) get 13% less funding than white 
school districts.”

Source: Bradley University

User Persona

From multiple research and observations we formulated our persona Evelyn, a 62 year old patient who was referred to the Los Angeles Medical Center by her friend. She has high hopes of finding a provider that will lymphedema ailment. 

Patient Evelyn (2).png


During the ideation stage we expanded on the opportunities we identified in the patient journey map. We narrowed down which idea to pursue by focusing on the moments that matter of Evelyn's journey. We then created three main concepts. 

Information Deck

Concept 1


digital information deck emailed to patients prior to their visit

Mobile Update

Concept 2

Reimagined appointment management that notifies patients of their visit and gives them real time updates

Appointment Follow-Up

Concept 3

Post-appointment digital continuous contact with patients through their mobile device, voice texting enabled

Prototyping the Digital Information Deck

After presenting our concepts to our peers they noted they liked our information deck idea the best because it addressed patients' concerns before arriving to their appointment. We focused on adding a bio of the doctor, a virtual facility walkthrough and intake forms patients patients can fill out before arriving to their appointment. We then created a storyboard, wireframe and prototype in desktop and mobile format.



Doctor Bio

The doctor bio will be in written and video format. This gives patients an opportunity to get to know their doctor before their appointment and helps

establish early communication between patient and doctor.


Facility Virtual Tour

The video will feature a walk through of the hospital building along with general guidelines. There's no more getting lost just trying to find directions upon arrival. 


Intake Forms

Fillable intake forms provided to first time patients with guided instructions and a symptom check sheet. Helps prepare

patients in advance and thus reduces excessive waiting at the hospital. 


Midterm Presentation (2).png

Desktop Prototype

Wireframe (4).png

Mobile Prototype

Mobile Prototype (1).png

Style Guide

Guide - Health2 (1).png
Guide - Health.png
Guide - Health3.png

Presentation Day

We got an opportunity to present our work at our student showcase at the end of the semester. We talked to industry experts to get their feedback on our project. The feedback was mostly positive with members telling us they liked the guided experience for new patients especially the bio video and facility tour which was a creative idea. Other experts would have liked to see us test it with actual patients. 

Final Prototype


Digitizing the onboarding process for LA General

HealthTech Connect streamlines doctor visits for patients and medical personnel.


Providing patients with access to information beforehand, such as maps, doctor bios, symptom forms, and intake forms, reduces anxiety and saves time spent on paperwork at the office. It also encourages early communication between patients and doctors.


Patient Access to Information

Facilitating patient access to better information and educative tools provides them with greater benefits and satisfaction. It also speeds up the preliminary paperwork to reduce wait times.


Our solution guides patients through the required paperwork via a check list.  


Relationship Building

Modern healthcare facilities emphasize the importance of building trusting relationships with their patients and as a result they score high among patient reviews.

Our solution establishes relationship building by introducing patients to their doctor via video. 

Clear Facility Navigation 

Our observations revealed that directions at the hospital were unclear and since it is a big facility it was easy to get lost.

Our solution gives patients access to a tour of the facility and a downloadable map.


Effective Communication

A common touch point for many patients is being more aware of the symptoms they are feeling and communicating them to their doctor.

Our solution makes it easy for patients to describe their symptoms via a list, body chart, audio message or photo.  

Next Steps & Reflections

The next steps for the project would be to implement a career section in the discover tab. This section would teach users about different jobs, resume workshops, etc. After learning about these careers, users could apply to those taking place in their area using the maps/chat tab.

As a group, we learned to communicate efficiently and how to work well with one another. Although the journey was bumpy, everything came together in the end.

Final Showcase Presentation Deck

HTC Prototype.png
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